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Never run out again

Our delivery service isn't just about fresh milk; we also deliver a wide range of fresh produce and eggs, all waiting on your doorstep for the start of the day.


Always supplying the things that you need, when you need them.


Our range of products not only includes eggs, but we can also supply bread, cheese, cream and butter - all delivered to you at the very peak of freshness.

Established in 1946 and serving the community ever since.

Wake up to fresh products every day

01709 545 572

Reliable service that you can depend on

Serving South Yorkshire is what we do best; we're there with a smile on our faces delivering the essentials direct to you. Reliable enough for you to trust to get it right, bringing eggs and fresh produce all as part of the service.


We are very proud of our reputation and can supply you with references that tell you how reliable we are; of course it's far simpler to try us out and see for yourself how great we are.

Delivering quality

 •  Eggs and fresh produce

 •  Milk and dairy

 •  Daily deliveries

 •  Regular and reliable

 •  Rotherham area

 •  Established 1946

 •  Family run business

 •  Professional and friendly

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